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IPSA is a 5-year graduate school in Paris, specializing in aeronautical and space systems.

There are 3 years of the Bachelor Cycle and 2 years of the Master Cycle. With more than 900 students at IPSA, there are actually more than 120 graduates per year.

At IPSA, you will acquire a knowledge in sciences and an effective approach of engineering work (aeronautics, engines, mechanics, IT Systems, embedded systems, mechatronics and electronics). At the same time, you will strengthen your communication skills (human resources, French and English and quality management) while keeping in close contact with the French industrial environment through required internships and industrial projects.

During the five years of graduate education at IPSA, internships are highly encouraged in the first two years, while they are required in the final two years.

A has around 100 professors who are largely drawn (70%) from positions in the industrial field. There are ten laboratories at IPSA, comprised of research, electronics, and mechanics laboratories.