Gael Ltd

Since 1992, Gael Ltd has helped organisations manage governance, compliance and risk more effectively and more efficiently. Gael's founders realised the bureaucracy surrounding compliance was unacceptable, ultimately preventing 'real' work getting done, so decided to take appropriate action by developing software tools to automate routine and low value tasks required in managing Quality Management Systems (QMS).

The products and services provided by Gael have evolved enormously over the years, with each iteration designed to encourage organisations to do the 'right things, right', and being capable of demonstrating compliance to auditors, customers, regulators and third party organisations as required.

Gael built on their excellent reputation gained within the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sectors with entry into the Service sector in 1997, the Aviation sector in 1999 and the Healthcare sector in 2001. Tools to help Plan for Success, Safety and Risk management have been added to the product and services portfolio over the years, enhancing the overall solutions available in our marketplace.

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