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Involved in the main areas of avionics

CS designs and realizes embedded software Involved in the main areas of avionics

Real time critical and accompanies its customers throughout the life cycle of systems, from digital design to maintenance to meet the requirements of competitiveness and cost optimization.

Embedded software real time critical

Definition of requirements, specification, development, integration, certification, management of test benches, CS capitalizes its long experience in the high-tech industry, with strong constraints of performance and reliability. Alarms, flight control, braking, communication, CS systems are all qualified and safe, and meet the most stringent safety and security standards (DO178). Combining its capacity for innovation, integrator and the expertise of its service centers, CS is the privileged partner of major manufacturers in the aeronautics sector in Europe and North America.

Simulation Lifecycle Management

From digital mock-up to the end-of-life of the product, digital modeling is a key element of innovation offering the ability to define, accurately simulate a product, validate and optimize manufacturing processes, A global collaborative environment. The digital model becomes the unique repository of the product, combining simulation and design engineering. To accelerate the innovation cycle, CS helps its customers to adapt CAD geometries to simulation models and combines the PLM tools to build a configuration management database. This device allows engineers to merge previously distinct phases - design, industrialization, manufacturing, fittings and sales, support and maintenance - to manage the entire life cycle of the product.

CS's combined expertise in multiphysics, PLM and 3D visualization enables it to implement collaborative engineering management throughout the product's life cycle and accelerate production processes.

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