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IDEA Groupe, logistics provider for specific industrial supply-chains

As an industrial logistics provider, IDEA Groupe pilots supply-chain design for exceptional, specific and sensitive products. It offers both comprehensive and tailor-made logistics solutions.

The main sectors in which IDEA Groupe is active are: aeronautics, energy, shipyard, defence, agro-food and industrial bulk.

The company's expertise is broad-based: industrial and bulk logistics, packing, transport, and shipping.

Because we seek to involve our employees in the life and development of the IDEA Groupe, we adopt a philosophy based on the exchange and sharing of our know-how. We would like each person to be truly engaged, so that we are all working together; the involvement of every employee is therefore essential.

At IDEA Groupe, teamwork takes pride of place. Across the subsidiaries, we work together to succeed in implementing your project.

This teamwork also means that there is close collaboration with our customers, whom we think of more accurately as our partners.

Although the success of IDEA Groupe is the fruit of a group effort, we are particularly attentive to ensuring the contribution of each and every one of our employees is both respected, and recognised.

Joining IDEA Groupe means coming into a modern company which has people at the heart of its values.

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