Zodiac Group's "Equipment and Systems" activities for aeronautics are now part of the Aircraft Systems segment.

INTERTECHNIQUE, is companie that were created to provide reliable and efficient equipment to aircraft and engine manufacturers and together constitute the Aircraft Systems field of segment. They are recognized worldwide as specialists in high technology equipment and systems for essential functions both on the ground and in the air.

INTERTECHNIQUE develops state of the art competency in the following areas:

Fuel & Inerting Systems (circulation, fuel management) - INTERTECHNIQUE
Sensing & System Management - INTERTECHNIQUE
On-board electronics
Monitoring and measurement of temperature and humidity
Optronics and image processing
In order to improve and optimise its know-how whilst remaining attentive to the needs of its customers, the Group has developed a Service activity providing a centralised Customer Service for almost Group products: ZODIAC SERVICES.

In the same category:


  • Production equipement, Software, Control
  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering


  • Production equipement, Software, Control
  • General Maintenance, Repair and Servicing Cells

Laroche Industries

  • Production equipement, Software, Control