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1965 Faculty of Sciences

The Rouen IUT delivers in two years after the baccalaur at, the DUT, University Diploma of Technology. Our Establishment trains 1500 senior technicians each year, qualified to meet the needs of companies and able to adapt their changes.

The diploma, which is authorized by the State, falls within the European area of ??higher education and in the LMD (Master-Doctorate) scheme.

Recognized in most collective agreements, the DUT offers a wide range of benefits when entering the workforce. It therefore makes it possible to choose between a rapid professional insertion and numerous possibilities for continuing studies.

The Rouen IUT offers several specializations in the secondary and tertiary sectors, each of which is organized within a department.

To ensure its teaching, the IUT de Rouen has an original teaching team that brings together academics (teachers, researchers) and professionals, business executives, as well as high-level technological equipment installed in Of agrabelled premises, mostly built for the most part

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