Kerns is a world class international manufacturer of products for the Aerospace Industry. Established in the early 1950's, Kerns is a leading tier 1 supplier of complex components and assemblies for Aero-Engine and Rocket Engine applications. Kerns manufactures products for clients throughout the world in our main facility in Queens, New York, USA, as well as its Joint Venture facility located in Chennai, India.

Kerns produces complex components and assemblies for a broad range of Aircraft Engines. Our yearly turnover exceeds $40M. Kerns is involved, most notably, on the following commercial engines: The GEnx for the Boeing 787 & 747-8; the GE90-115B for the Boeing 777; the GP7000 for the Airbus A380; the CFM56 for the Boeing 737 & Airbus A319, A320 & A321; the CF34 for the Bombardier & Embraer Regional Jets. On the military side, Kerns is involved, most notably, with he following military engines: The F414 & F404 for the F-18 E&F and F-18 C&D, both of which are in the Indian Military buy competitions: the F-110 for the F-16 also involved in India competitions; T700 for the Blackhawk and Apache helicopters; the MTR390E for the Tiger Eurocopter and the LM2500 for Power Generation & Marine applications.

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