Lycée Marcel Callo

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September 2004: Brother Andr Richard takes over the Lyc e La Touche de Plo rmel, and is replaced by Vincent Maisonneuve, the director of our Lyc e. It is a page that turns since for the first time the Lycee and Marcel Callo is directed by a the c. But let's say, Marcel-Callo, whether you are a brother or a director, you have to have a buyer, which is not lacking in Vincent Maisonneuve. After finishing work on safety standards, which had slowed down the renovation of the different areas, the liftings were revived: and it was the turn of the electro-mechanical and automotive workshops in 2005 and 2006. Also starting again The construction work requires new openings of formations. In 2006, the opening of the Post-bac Preparations Training program required the purchase of a modular building located near the automotive workshop, as well as the total reconditioning of the engine test benches. Then, in 2007, the opening of the CAP M canicien Cellules d'A ronefs, in partnership with Airbus Saint-Nazaire, will lead to the construction of a new building, the entrance to Doctor Lagr e.

September 2006: Work for the new Home of the Lyc e Avenue Etienne Gascon. Opening of the CFLM MCPM (Special Compact M anufacturing: Preparation of Engines) with new, modern and specialized workshops.

September 2007: Opening of the training center for the A ronautics sector.

September 2008: Opening of a new car shop to complement the existing one. Creation of a new outdoor space in the lodge sector.

September 2010: Opening of a technical platform for BTS Industrial and Electrotechnical Maintenance.

September 2011: Renewal and expansion of physical and chemical laboratories.

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