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OSAC, a subsidiary of the Apave group, is authorized by ministerial decree to carry out missions of appraisal, instruction, checks and verifications and to issue documents relating to airworthiness.

OSAC intervenes either as part of the Authority, or by delegation or subcontracting of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The competence of experts and inspectors of OSAC is constantly maintained by a training program and a check of skills and knowledge, formalized by the license of aviation inspector.

OSAC is organized by cluster:

- aircraft operators (airlines and airline companies),

- aircraft manufacturers (aircraft, helicopters, engines, aeronautical equipment),

- maintenance organizations,

- schools and training organizations,

- aeronautical mechanics for the instruction and issuance of their licenses),

Regulatory Assistance

OSAC participates in the development, standardization and monitoring of the regulations applicable to the design, production, operation, maintenance and qualification of aeronautical maintenance personnel.

OSAC is involved in the development of instructions for the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and the development of maintenance programs for new aircraft.


OSAC assists the CASD for airworthiness monitoring and the development of airworthiness directives.

OSAC is responsible for providing information to light aviation users.

OSAC publishes and distributes technical and regulatory documents (fascicles, airworthiness directives, forms, etc.) intended for users.

OSAC assists the Civil Aviation Investigation and Analysis Office (BEA).


OSAC gives a technical opinion on the facts found during a technical inspection of operation carried out by the DSAC and can ensure the surveillance and the control of foreign aircraft based in France.

OSAC represents the DGAC, at its request, in international civil aviation bodies or in the framework of activities on behalf of EASA.

Outside Europe, OSAC carries out technical inspection missions under subcontracting of the DGAC, on behalf of EASA.

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