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The university polytechnic school of Montpellier is the school of engineers of the University Montpellier 2.

Founded more than 40 years ago, it is part of the largest network of engineering schools in France, the POLYTECH network (10,000 engineers trained each year). She is a member of the Conference of Principal Schools and the Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools.

POLYTECH Montpellier has about 1,200 jobs, which it trains in one-third of the engineer's five-year post-baccalaureate cycle (two years) and a three-year engineering cycle. The school offers ten specialties, three of which are apprenticeships, all of which are accredited by the Commission des titres d 'ingénieur. Most of the lessons take place in Montpellier, on the campus of Triolet. Some specialties, however, are based on Perpignan and N mes.

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