langue en Airbus Helicopters - 03/05/2019

Paris Air Show: Sights & Sounds

The 51st Paris Air Show welcomed around 300,000 visitors this year from both industry and the general public over a period of seven days from June 15-21.

With more than 150 aircraft on display and a number of educational exhibits showcasing everything from aviation technology and innovation to the careers of the future, this biannual event offered visitors a wealth of aeronautical-inspired activity on the ground.
But show-goers were just as likely to be looking skyward, taking in the the daily airborne demonstration flights, which included the Airbus A350, Airbus A380 giant, NH90 Caïman, Fouga Magister, A400M, Rafale, and Extra 330, among others.

Last but not least, the skies above the fair were laced with the emblematic bleu, blanc, rouge (red, white, blue) of the Patrouille de France acrobatic plane demonstration show during the three public days.