langue en Safran SMA - 29/09/2015

Discover the future LEAP engine assembly line!

Snecma (Safran) will build new assembly lines dedicated to the LEAP, alongside the two existing CFM56 production lines. These pulse lines will stretch 60 meters long and 20 meters wide (about 200 x 65 ft), and each line will offer a capacity up to 500 engines per year.

They will be able to assemble all three versions of the LEAP: the LEAP-1A for the Airbus A320neo, the LEAP-1B for the Boeing 737 MAX and the LEAP-1C for the Comac C919. These two lines will be up and running in January 2017 and early 2018, allowing Snecma to assemble up to 1,000 engines/year at Villaroche equal to over four engines per day!

A third LEAP assembly line could later be added to the first two, if deemed necessary to increase production capacity.