langue en THALES GROUP - 03/05/2019

Thales Avionics2020 for Helicopter at Heli-Expo

Interview of Thierry Ferreira, system Design Authority Cockpit Interactive Solutions at Thales by Shepardmedia ( at Heli-Expo2014

Avionics 2020 is the result of a number of partnerships, spearheaded by Thales with researchers, scientific institutions and world class experts, aimed at refining knowledge in the field of human machine interface.

These efforts, culminated in a new-generation cockpit founded on natural and direct hands-on interaction, designed to give the pilot all the elements needed to make the right critical decisions at the right time.

The Avionics 2020 concept introduces a modern architecture including multi-touchscreen capabilities, head-down controls, open and customizable systems and a mission-centric approach, putting the pilot at the center of a helicopter operation.

The very structure of the cockpit favors the integration of future capabilities and functions to optimize and secure a wide range of helicopter missions, also taking into account specific functionalities driven by civil mission types such as search and rescue or offshore missions.

A cockpit designed around the principles of open architecture, man machine interface and customizability is no longer an intellectual exercise but a viable commercial application. Thales's Avionics 2020 will be the new meter of comparison for helicopters in the 21st century.

Key points
- The new-generation in helicopter avionics, Avionics 2020, is founded on the principles of natural and direct hands-on interaction
- It is an open, mission-centric concept, scalable to any type of helicopter, light to heavy, civil to military
- Avionics 2020 includes multi-touchscreen capabilities and the latest technologies in head-down controls