langue en MBDA - 03/05/2019

Eurosatory 2016: MBDA presents MMP

Jean-Paul Faye, head of battlefield at leading missile and missile systems developer, MBDA discusses the five different operational configurations of its land combat missile MMP at Eurosatory 2016.

MMP (Missile Moyenne Portee) is the unique fifth generation land combat missile designed by MBDA for dismounted infantry as well as for integration on combat vehicles.

MMP possesses a next generation seeker and tandem warhead in addition to automatic seeker lock on and in-flight targeting and re-targeting.

MMP is a lightweight weapon system that delivers a high level of day and night, all-weather reconnaissance and identification capability. Its design includes the growth potential necessary for a future family of missiles designed for modern land combat scenarios and operations.
Other features of MMP include:
MMP digital missile
Passive dual-band seeker (uncooled IR and colour TV channel)
Firing on target designation with accurate flight path thanks to Inertial Measurement Unit
Two-stage main propulsion system with soft launch and smokeless characteristics
Multi-purpose tandem warhead capable of defeating 1,000 mm of RHA, 2,000 mm of concrete
Maintenance free

MMP interactive firing post
Fully digitised with embedded sensors
- Latest generation IR band 2 and day camera
- Laser range finder, GPS and digital magnetic compass
Advanced ergonomics
Modular architecture to facilitate integration on combat vehicles

MMP next generation training simulators
Gunnery training simulator for indoor training based on enriched reality technology
Combat firing simulator for tactical training in the field