langue en ESA - 03/05/2019

Thomas Pesquets mannequin challenge outtakes

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet directed the Expedition 50 crew on the International Space Station to do the mannequin challenge where people pretend to be frozen. This video shows the outtakes and scenes that were not posted on Thomas social media channels.

Thomas commented on the original video: On Sunday we generally have a day off with the crew and we often have a bit of fun in microgravity. We got the whole International Space Station crew together and took the Mannequin Challenge to new heights. The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don't you think?

Thomas is spending six months on the International Space Station as part of his Proxima mission. During Proxima, Thomas will perform around 50 scientific experiments for ESA and Frances space agency CNES as well as take part in many research activities for the other Station partners. The mission is part of ESAs vision to use Earth-orbiting spacecraft as a place to live and work for the benefit of European society while using the experience to prepare for future voyages of exploration further into the Solar System.

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