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Eclipse 550 data sheet

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- Albuquerque

ONE Aviation delivers innovative access to general aviation by bringing together a line of products suited to the missions and budgets of individuals and businesses previously grounded by the inefficiencies of larger aircraft. We produce safe, efficient, comfortable aircraft to be used by those who need an entry-level business aviation solution. We build airplanes for you.


ONE Aviation brings together an incredible group of aviation minds, with managers, engineers, pilots, and businessmen dedicated to bringing the general aviation market that which it truly desires: a general aviation option that is accessible, efficient, and can be wielded as an effective tool wit...

  • Eclipse 550 data sheet
  • Eclipse 550 data sheet

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Fly Safe. Fly Fast. Fly the Eclipse 550. The Eclipse 550 Twin-Engine Jet The Eclipse 550 features best in class safety, performance, and economics. Not only does it allow you to fly in pressurized comfort above the weather at altitudes up to 41,...

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