Envirotainer AB Air freight container - Envirotainer RKN e1

Air freight container - Envirotainer RKN e1

Air freight container - Envirotainer RKN e1

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About Envirotainer For over 30 years, Envirotainer has been the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for the pharmaceutical ...

Envirotainer AB

Envirotainer RKN e1 container

Drawing on the benefits of the shape and size of the Envirotainer dry-ice container, the RKN e1 uses a different technology: compressor cooling and electric heating.

Designed for the extreme requirements of the healthcare industry, the RKN e1 container maintains product temperatures in the +2 to +8°C range, in the controlled room temperature (+15 to +25 °C) range or at any chosen set temperature within the operating range of ±0 to +20°C. The RKN e1 is a certified air cargo ULD (Unit Load Device), ensuring seamless handling throughout the supply chain worldwide. The unit can be carried on board the most common long-haul aircraft types.

Key features for consistent temperature-control :

  • Insulated container shell

  • Electric heating and compressor cooling

  • One energy source. Rechargeable batteries* that can be recharged at standard AC power connection points

  • Air circulated by the heating/cooling unit is close to the set temperature

  • Enhanced air circulation inside the container ensures a low temperature gradient within the cargo space

  • Convenient and simple loading for an optimized load thanks to the use of wide doors and spacers on the inside walls

  • An easy-to-use control unit allowing simple operation of the container

  • Data logging functionality

  • Fully redundant charging, cooling and heating system

*The batteries in our containers are Nickel Metal Hydride type (Ni-MH). NI-MH batteries are qualified and certified for air transportation.


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