langue fr Airbus Defence and Space - 23/09/2021

DeepDroneChallenge 2021 with BrigkAIR and Airbus

Boarding is completed!
The final event of the Deep Drone Challenge took place on August 7th, 2021. The competition has been initiated by Airbus as part of the #FCAS Non-Traditional-Player initiative to develop innovative software solutions for the automation and improvement of drone missions together with start-ups and universities. It has been conducted at the Drone Center of Airbus in Manching by the start-up incubator brigkAIR.
The goal behind the challenge is to unleash the potential of establishing the region of Ingolstadt as a central area for unmanned aviation and services. Out of 122 applications, we challenged 9 final teams in the fields of#drones, #algorithms, and #artificialintelligence.

One of the flight missions which the participants could choose to compete in, was the DroneBot Track:
For todays manned aircrafts, its no big deal to communicate with Air Traffic Controllers (ATC). Now imagine, it would be just as natural for drones to understand voice commands amazing, right? No surprise that the special feature in the Drone Bot challenge was the topic of voice recognition.

The second flight mission the participants could choose to compete in was the Pathfinder Track:
For autonomously flying drones, swerving to avoid objects has always been an essential skill. Now, our environments are constantly changing, and urban air mobility is on the rise, making autonomous situational awareness a real superpower for the future.

Congratulations to the winner of both tracks:
Team Flying Algorithms - drone researchers University of Klagenfurt, were able to master the voice recognition challenge DroneBot.
Team Coral Drone - students at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt were able to master the autonomous situational awareness challenge Pathfinder. Both teams win prize money of 25,000 euros.