langue fr Airbus Defence and Space - 07/10/2021

DeckFinder in action at COMPASS2020

As a contribution to the European COMPASS2020 campaign - aiming at coordinating maritime assets for persistent and systematic surveillance - Airbus showcased their DeckFinder local positioning system.
During the demonstration the team successfully completed 10 fully autonomous launches and recoveries of a rotary wing UAV from the Portuguese Offshore Patrol Vessel NRP Setubal.

The safe and successful launch and recovery of rotary wing UAVs play a pivotal role in a nations border security capability. #DeckFinder demonstrated it can extend the capability of a #UAV so its available across the broadest operational envelope.

Such innovative technologies allow border protection and security agencies to fulfil their missions, such as the narcotics smuggling and anomalous migration missions demonstrated during the #COMAPSS2020 campaign.