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STEMME DAYS Innsbruck 2022: Klaus Ohlmann Live Talk

Riding along the Jetstream: An Ohlmann Adventure From France To Greece
Live Talk with Klaus Ohlmann

Recorded on April 29th 2022 - due to technical difficulties we could only start recording 20minutes into the talk. Apologies for the inconvenience. However, this way you start right into the main topic of this talk: the flight he did.

Tune in when Klaus Ohlmann, soaring legend and constant record breaker
talks about one of his latest flights from 2021.
Klaus is not only known for holding over 60 gliding records,
he was also the first human to glide above Mount Everest.
The former German dentist, who is now a professional glider pilot,
has been living in France for many years.

Klaus is known for breaking into new territory.
He usually enjoys staying off the beaten track and well known highways.
In May 2021 he and his well traveled S10 VT set off on an amazing wave ride from Serres in France to Thessaloniki in Greece.
An adventure only shadowed by an unexpected happening along the way
Questions are welcome and will be answered after the talk.