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VAPOR® 55 MX All-Electric Helicopter UAS

The all-electric VAPOR helicopter unmanned aircraft system is extremely versatile and can be easily configured to support a variety of mission requirements. VAPOR delivers precision flight performance, exceptional endurance, and maximum payload flexibility for defense, commercial and industrial applications. VAPORs modular payload bay and multi-sensor capacity allows for a wide range of sensors including gimbaled EO/IR, multispectral, LIDAR, Comms relay, SIGINT, Armed VTOL as well as Drop/Delivery mechanism to be easily integrated or swapped to expand operational capabilities. This expansive modular payload bay can carry up to 12 pounds of payload with more than 70 minutes of flight endurance while maintaining the 55-pound gross take-off weight (GTOW) restricted by the FAA for commercial customers. For military customers that require more take-off weight, VAPOR 55 MX is capable of a 65-pound GTOW and can carry up to 22 pounds of usable payloads with a reduced endurance trade-off. Learn more: