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The iPhone 11 and the dark art of psychological pricin9

Comedian Sammy Obeid (host of 100 Humans on Netflix) in collaboration with TBS Business School discusses the psychology behind the pricing of the iPhone 11. The topics include the iPhone X, the iPhone XR, psychological pricing, marketing and consumer behavior.

This collaboration is part of TBS ground-breaking Inspiring Guest program:

Special thanks to Jessica oy, idiot Grandhomme-Mackenzie, Guilain the wizard Praseuth, Katia quiet, please Santrisse and the rest of the TBS Inspiring Guest team.

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IF YOU ARE AN EDUCATOR, TBS Business School encourages you to use this video as the basis for a class discussion or a homework assignment. Suggested questions are below:
1. Why do you think charm prices are so widely adopted?
a. From a managerial point of view, what do you think the positive consequences of using such a pricing technique could be? And the negative ones?
b. Do you believe psychological pricing is unethical? Why or why not?
c. As a consumer, how do you react to charm prices?
2. If you were to change Apples price endings, what would you change them to? Why? Please present some references that support your choice.
3. Do you believe the numbering* system for iPhones to be misleading? *iPhone XR (entry level / budget product) iPhone 11 iPhone X (flagship product) iPhone 11 Pro
a. What could be the positive consequences of doing so for Apple?
b. And the negative ones?
4. Can you give other examples of price skimming, penetration pricing or anchor pricing? Look for examples in real life (at the supermarket, online, etc.) and present an example for each pricing technique.
5. Note that this video lasts less than 5 minutes more specifically, 4 minutes 59 seconds, or 299 seconds. Is such charm timing similar to charm pricing? Why or why not?
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