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AVNIR Engineering

AVNIR Engineering supports Research and Development teams on customer's site. Our experts intervene, in domains related to mechanics and electromagnetism. Our main expertise is to understand the behavior of structures under vibration, shock and acoustic, dynamic behavior of heavy and light fluids, fatigue and damage tolerance of materials, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Our studies focus on on-board equipments for aircrafts and spacecrafts.

The company offers a high level of expertise and technical demand, and makes it available to its customers to perform the following services:

o Support of our experts to R&T teams on customer sites
o Assistance in project management
o Organisation and management of tests

AVNIR Engineering intervenes with the support of project managers, doctors, engineers and experienced technicians to perform services of for its customers.

AVNIR Engineering is the partner to achieve your assistance in the executive direction and support your projects in their definition, organisation, planning and realization. Our operations meet compliance requirements and specifications, adhering to rules and current standards.
They guarantee to your equipments and facilities, reliability, safety and comfort.


o Organisation & Management of technical projects
o Numerical simulation in mechanics, aerodynamics, CFD
o Qualification and certification tests on equipments and complete facilities
o Research and Development

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