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A brief review of Lesma's trajectory for more than thirty years implies to comment as from the first center in Barcelona and thanks to the training and results obtained by our students, was growing by Spain, the next venue was Valladolid in 1985, the only center Of tcps in Castilla y León in those dates, two years later new centers were opened in Zaragoza and Oviedo, showing a clear example of expansion, result of the interest in giving a good formation and of guaranteeing the best possible professional exit to our students one In 1987, then León, Burgos, Santander, Girona and later in 2002 in Rabat, becoming the only center of Spanish tcp's with representation outside of Spain. Borders of the European community, besides fruit of our trajectory and we are a company of Handling.

TorosmallLesma Handling operates in 21 Spanish airports, working with several airlines.

We believe that we do have enough experience to give you the best training and try to offer you the best job. All this thanks to good professionals, commanders, pilots, doctors, overcharges and tcps, psychologists etc., as well as a long administrative team designed to offer you the best results.

We also want to remind all the students who chose us as a training center, their experience and dedication in different airlines and above all their professional triumph is also ours.

Thank you all


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