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CFM combines the resources, engineering expertise and product support of two major aircraft engine manufacturers: Snecma (SAFRAN) of France, and GE of the U.S.

Truly a product of international cooperation, the CFM56 line of six engine models offers unparalleled reliability and cost of ownership. With a thrust range of 18,500 to 34,000 pounds, they're well-suited for many commercial and military aircraft.

CFM is not an acronym, so it doesn't stand for anything. The company (CFM), and product line (CFM56), got their names by a combination of the two parent companies' commercial engine designations: GE's CF6 and Snecma's M56.

Underlying CFM's rapid and hard-earned success is the ingenuity of its designers, engineers and product support personnel throughout the world. At CFM, our goal is to maintain the trust of airlines and airframers and contribute to the operational success of our customers. We do this by building remarkable engines and offering dedicated services.

CFM keeps the CFM56 family of engines the best in their class by infusing newly matured technology into the existing fleet. We're also anticipating tomorrow's industry needs with the advanced LEAP technology development program

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CFM International signed a nine-year materiel support agreement with Air Arabia. It covers time and material support for LEAP-1A engines powering the six new Airbus A321neo (LR) of the Sharjah-based low-cost carrier. Air Arabia is the first LEAP-powered A321neo operator in the Middle East. ...


CFM International has just won a contract worth 1.3 billion dollars. Jazeera Airways has decided to sign a long-term RPFH (rate per flight hour) contract with the engine manufacturer, entrusting it with engine maintenance for its A320neo fleet. Jazeera Airways is planning to bring twenty A320n...

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