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Crane designs and manufactures ELDEC-brand electronic and electromechanical products for demanding aerospace and defense applications. Our products are in use on all major U.S. and European aircraft - both military and commercial. Crane's ELDEC brand is well-known for its sensing systems and components, power conversion products, and true mass fuel flow systems.

Product/Market Focus
ELDEC products lead the industry with:
- Inductive proximity sensing technology-based position indication and control systems. Applications include aircraft landing gear, doors, flight control surfaces, thrust reversers and actuators.

- True mass fuel flowmeters for commercial transports, commuter, business and military aircraft.

- Reliable battery systems, transformer rectifier units and flight-control uninterruptible DC power systems for commercial aircraft.

- Silicon-on-sapphire pressure sensors for aircraft turbine engines, air data systems and flight control systems.

- Reliable low and high voltage power supplies designed specifically for the aerospace and defense market. Other products include our electrical power conversion, distribution and management systems.

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