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ENSIAME is a public engineering school recognized by the Commission des Titres d'Ing nieur since 1979. It is empowered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

It is a general and internationally acclaimed school with a EUR-ACE label. The privileged geographical situation of Valenciennes places ENSIAME at the crossroads of northern Europe, in the heart of a region of cultural and industrial tradition and close to the main capitals: Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Luxembourg. It currently has more than 1000 students, 750 of which are engineers.

The school offers two ways of training of engineer

The competition channel is accessible via the Concours Commun polytechnique or on file for holders of a DUT or a level License3 or Master 1
The track alternates, under student status, apprentice or, for employees, in continuing education. This course is accessible to holders of a Bac + 2 on file and maintenance.