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Our business: industrial engineering

50 years of experience have made Assystem a key partner of the world's largest industrial groups: Airbus, Areva, Alstom, EDF, EADS, General Electric, MTU, Peugeot, Renault, Rolls Royce, Safran, Thales,...
Designing and developing the products and services of tomorrow, building and ensuring the optimum use of their investments throughout the life cycle, coordinating and executing the realization of their projects and infrastructure: Assystem's engineering teams make the difference and instil trust.

Our mission: enable our customers to look forward to The Growth to Be

Cleaner energy, lighter aircraft, and electric modes of transport for the masses - these are a few of the challenges Assystem's customers face on a daily basis. Our 12.000 employees are committed to addressing these challenges with their know-how, methodologies and conviction.

Our added value: committing to excellence

The Assystem teams are trained to listen, acquire and develop skills, be able to adapt to the inherent challenges of innovation, risk control, complexity, and to convert our customers' goals into the results of our joint projects. With offices in 19 countries, our teams work every day around the world to share their expertise and support the projects of our customers and partners.
Assystem in the aerospace sector

Your challenges

The aerospace industry today is rising to the challenges of increasingly widespread air travel in a society keen on preserving our environment and that of generations to come. Technological breakthroughs, new materials, plant organisation, interfacing, powerful engines... airframe manufacturers, OEMs, and engine manufacturers are constantly reinventing the aircraft of the future.
Our added value

Assystem is one of the leading European Aerospace engineering firms and relies on thirty years of experience shared by 4,000 employees specialised in Aerospace. They are gathered in business excellence centres, integrated within international teams working in locations around the world to meet the customer's need as locally as possible.

Historically a leading edge Aerostructure design company, Assystem has grown into a key player which can manage engineering throughout the entire product life cycle, with controlled and adapted solutions for the specificities of each project. Assystem manages projects with accountability for results, bearing testimony to the reach of its skills, the soundness of its methodologies and the commitment to the customer that drive its teams. In order to address the challenges that its customers are facing, Assystem provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions by mobilizing a scalable system, including risk management, continuous improvement and innovation.