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Established in 1981 by the General Council of Finist re in the form of a Mixed Economy Society, FINIST'AIR's main objective is to provide a public transport service from Monday to Saturday noon, Between the continent and the island of Ushant.

A public service mission

As part of a Public Service D l gation, Compagnie Finist'air provides the link between Brest and Ouessant, the main objective of which is the opening up of the island, in addition to Of the maritime service.

The FINIST'AIR transports 6,000 passengers every year and allows them to reach Ouessant in 15 minutes of flight:

2 return trips per day from Monday to Friday and 1 return trip on Saturday morning
Flight time: 15 minutes
6,000 passengers on average per year, of which 75% are islanders
120 tonnes of freight, including 50 tonnes of mail

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