GRETA-CFA : GRETA-CFA de Bretagne Occidentale
GRETA-CFA : GRETA-CFA de Bretagne Occidentale
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GRETA-CFA : GRETA-CFA de Bretagne Occidentale

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GRETA means grouping of establishments. In the academy of Rennes, more than 260 school establishments (lyc es, professional lyc es, colleg es) are grouped in 4 GRETAs, implanted in the heart of Breton activity basins. They make their resources available to teachers and staff to organize continuing education programs for adults.

Training throughout life in the Greta network

To develop your skills, you can train or acquire a diploma, whatever your age and situation (employees, job seekers ...), throughout your life. More generally, all adults who wish to improve their skills, benefit from a skills assessment or have their professional experience validated can find answers to national education.

In the Rennes acad mies, the GRETA network offers continuing education programs. The academic service of the DAFPIC (academic dedication to initial and continuing vocational training) animates and coordinates this network.