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HELI-BEARN was founded in 1996 to meet a high demand in the field of Civil Engineering and Labor. We quickly extended the range of our services to the Public Transport of Passengers and the School of Pilotage, open to Private and Professional Drivers. Our aeronautical maintenance workshop has also developed strongly and is now one of the regional leaders in this field.

Our range of services is very tense and can be easily developed according to the specific demands made to us. Our integrated organization, which includes: Operations, Maintenance, Navigational Surveillance, and Training, gives us an excellent track record, which enables us to effectively respond to often complex and urgent demands.

Our permanent geographical positioning PAU and PAMIERS puts us at the heart of our intervention zones, in order to achieve a significant reduction in the cost of implementation. Two of our h licopters are located in the Basque Country and Aquitaine to be close to our tourism client.

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