IFMA/INSTITUT Français de Mécanique avancée

IFMA/INSTITUT Français de Mécanique avancée

To respond to the growing complexity of the engineering world and to constantly evolving economic and societal conditions, IFMA performs three essential missions:

1. Training engineers who are experts in advanced mechanics and industrial engineering, adapted to multicultural environments.

Without compromising the excellence of their scientific and technical skills, IFMA trains citizen engineers, who are conscious of their responsibilities towards society; cosmopolitan engineers, capable of adapting and developing their technical expertise in international projects; engineers with knowledge, know-how and also soft skills.

2. Creating bridges between the world of industry and the world of higher education and research.
The Institute draws on the resources of the IFMA Foundation, composed of 44 members, mainly enterprises, which participate actively in the operation and development of IFMA and which ensure the correspondence between our student engineers' syllabus and the needs of industrial companies. Another intersection between enterprise, training and research is provided by the technology transfer activities of our Mec@Prod platform.

3. Affirming an ambitious research policy based on excellence and innovation.
In order to provide cross-pollination between research and training, IFMA develops Engineering Science research activities in its three laboratories, LaMI (Mechanics and Engineering Laboratory), LIMOS (Computing, Modelling and Systems Optimisation Laboratory) and LASMEA (Sciences and Materials for Electronics and Automatic Systems Laboratory). This research activity is officially recognised, as witnessed by IFMA's co-accreditation, with Blaise Pascal University, for the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Research Master's Degree.

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