IUT de Limoges

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Each year, the University of Limoges welcomes more than 14,000 students
Nearly 40% of whom have obtained their baccalaur at or equivalent diploma,
Outside the Acadie of Limoges. That is to say its attractiveness. Multidisciplinary,
It offers all major fields of study as well as specialties
Which are based on the main thrusts of its research activity:
Optics and Microwaves, Cryptography, Processing Processes
Surface, ceramic materials, biochemistry of water and waste,
Environmental Law, G eneral, Epid miology, S ology,
International Banking and Finance.
The national curricula and diplomas are divided into three grades: Bachelor, Master
And PhD in coherence with the European Higher Education Area.
The offer of training is presented by major disciplinary fields:
Sciences - Technologies - Health, Humanities and Languages, Humanities and
Social, Law - economics - Management.

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