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Resource Group

Our Mission

Our corporate mission is to provide expert resource solutions that enhance our clients' capabilities and performance, thereby adding value to their businesses.

Our People

We are able to deliver our mission through our professional, industry experienced and passionate people. To truly deliver value to our clients we ensure we understand their businesses and are responsive and flexible in our approach to delivering client specific solutions. Our people are at the core of our success.

Our History

Resource Group is a privately owned business with its roots dating back more than 30 years. Resource Group has evolved into a substantial business which offers an array of human resource-based services and solutions to technical industries. Growth has been achieved through a mix of organic development and strategic acquisition.

Today Resource Group employs over 250 people across the UK, Switzerland, France and Asia with over 1100 staff deployed on contracts across the globe. Resource Group has five business streams comprising of Aviation and Aerospace Resourcing Solutions, Training Solutions, Technical Recruitment Solutions, Symbiotic Performance Solutions and Systems, Software and Solutions.

We are a progressive organisation that is continually looking to extend and improve the range and depth of our service offering to our clients.