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SPHEREA Test & Services

A 50-year history in the service of the most ambitious aviation programs have enabled SPHEREA to develop unequaled expertise in critical electronic and optronic system testing.

The quality of SPHEREA's products and services has long been recognized by the major companies in the aviation, defense, space, energy and transportation sectors.

SPHEREA, a 50-year history

SPHEREA's history began in the automatic test departments of the Aerospatiale Avions (notably produced the first automatic test benches for Concorde) Aerospatiale Missiles and Sextant Avionique companies.

These three departments were merged into a single entity to support the RAFALE and Leclerc tank programs, becoming EADS Test & Services when EADS was created in 2000. EADS Test & Services was attached to the EADS Defence & Security Division and became Cassidian Test & Services in 2010 when EADS Defence & Security became Cassidian.

When the Airbus Group was created on January 1st 2014, the restructuring of the EADS defense and space activities, grouped into a single entity, Airbus Defence & Space, was the opportunity for Test & Services to make a fresh start.
Test & Services opened up its capital to investors sharing this vision, which is resolutely aimed at winning new markets with a focus on innovation, and became SPHEREA in 2014.

SPHEREA's aim is not only to remain a reference player in its historic sector, testing, but also to continue and accelerate its move into other markets and activity sectors.

SPHEREA, a forward-looking and innovative medium-sized company

SPHEREA, with its 550 staff, achieved total revenue of 110 million euros in 2014 for all its activities.

Although the Aviation and Defense sector now represents 85% of SPHEREA's revenue, the company's activities and services also cover the energy and rail transportation sectors.

SPHEREA's size and its ability to bring in many players from different sectors, enable it to position itself as the prime contractor on large projects.
Its R&D capability representing several million euros combined with several industrial and university partnerships allow it to run several research projects simultaneously to commercialize innovative products in the short and medium term.
Today SPHEREA is entering a new phase in its history and is extending beyond its historic sector, testing, to add a design, development, production and certification of critical systems capability to its offer.

SPHEREA, a global presence

In addition to the design and production sites in France, Germany and the UK, it has offices in the USA, Singapore and China guaranteeing close proximity with its customers to give them the best possible service wherever they are in the world.
SPHEREA now maintains over 1000 test systems thanks to a round-the-clock support service and offices located worldwide.

SPHEREA, by your side for the long term

SPHEREA has always guaranteed that the lifetime of its test systems is identical to the lifetime of its customers' systems.

The support know-how, methods and tools originally developed for the long-term support of its own products have now been made available by SPHEREA to its customers through a sustainability offer.

This obsolescence management and sustainability offer currently enables you to extend the lifetime of your critical systems well beyond what you had planned, in complete confidence, with the assurance that we are by your side for the long term.

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