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Since its inception in 1969, the UPS has been offering its multidisciplinary training in the fields of science, health, engineering, technology and sport and is developing one of the most important research projects French scientists. Ancr e Toulouse, the European capital of aeronautics and space, the UPS is a renowned European university with an open attitude to the world.

Solidarity, humanism, collective and modern, the UPS has always had great values ??at the service of society. Through its missions, it seeks to ensure respect for the equality of rights between all and to open up ways of development as a citizen. The UPS places the human being at the center of its concerns and affirms its vocation to participate in the development of the community. It puts in place pedagogical, scientific, cultural and organizational devices which aim at the celebration of all, students and staff. The UPS is a world-renowned university that is attentive to the future of our society and aims to be a reference university that is innovative both in terms of science and education and conscious of its social and economic environment. At the forefront of its priorities: the professional integration of students, the development and enhancement of research, and a European and international positioning.

MASTER STS (Master Science, Technologies, Health)
MASTER GMA (Mention G nie M inic in A ronautics)

The aim of this training course is to provide a common foundation of scientific and practical knowledge for the various specializations in structural design, design and production in the aeronautics sector, whatever the output (professional master or research).

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