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OUR MISSION : provide companies with an original taxi-flight service

VOLDIRECT enables managers based in the West of France to fly directly and very comfortably to any airport in France or Europe. Our taxi-flight service is a precious time saving and a new way to travel: you will not depend any more on the scheduled commercial flights obligations as fixed schedules, connections or long administrative procedures.

From now on, you will be able to fly a round trip in a single day, directly, with no stop, no endless waiting and most importantly without spending a fortune. Choose VOLDIRECT and it will become a real partner in your business development.

OUR COMMITMENTS : an efficient and customized air transport service

We understand obligations, heavy schedules, difficult diary requirements, which are part of your everyday life. Our commitments are clear : we aim to respond to your simple and most complex travelling needs, we adapt to your schedules and simplify your business trips in France and in Europe and even Northern Africa. Security, flexibility, punctuality, personalisation, efficiency and comfort are our keywords. VOLDIRECT was created as a response to travel problems entrepreneurs can meet.

VOLDIRECT is a taxi-flight company created by Breton entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
VOLDIRECT was founded in 2009 thanks to two men, Frédéric Caussarieu, ex director in several large Telco companies, entrepreneur and experienced professional pilot, and Jean Paul Legendre, emblematic entrepreneur, director of a large construction, civil engineering and promoting company, whose business entailed frequent travelling in France and Europe. Given the absence of an efficient business flight service in Brittany, they became partners and invested in a fast plane.

Quickly both partners wished to offer the advantages of these business flights to other companies and created an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG), which 7 local companies joined.

The success among the members of the EIG and the numerous requests from other companies led the partners to ask for airline status. Voldirect can now broaden its fast and personalised transport services to any individual or company wishing for efficiency and comfort in a top-quality, private aircraft. Originally based in Rennes and Brittany, Voldirect plans to develop in other regions.

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