Zurich Airport
Zurich Airport
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Zurich Airport

Flughafen Zürich AG is a diversified business and listed company that operates Zurich Airport, Switzerland's most significant transport and meeting hub, on behalf of the Swiss Confederation.
Flughafen Zürich AG's strategy and its implementation is based on three dimensions - cost-efficiency, environment and social responsibility. In this way it aims to increase the company's competitiveness and credibility and add to its value on a sustainable basis.
The company focuses on its core activities as an airport operator both nationally and internationally, a commercial centre operator both landside and airside, as well as managing and further developing real estate in a return-oriented manner at the Zurich site. Flughafen Zürich AG employs around 1,570 members of staff.

As Switzerland's gateway to the world, Zurich Airport is a quality airport in the heart of Europe with excellent access to international, national and regional transport networks.

Zurich Airport regularly receives awards for its outstanding services, its short transfer distances, the friendliness of its staff, its clean infrastructure, its reliable processes, and many other quality features. These achievements are the work of around 24,000 employees from over 270 airport partners who ensure that every hour passengers and visitors spend at Zurich Airport is an experience each and every day.

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