langue en Lockheed Martin - 03/05/2019

Lockheed Martin AlphaPilot AI Drone Innovation Challenge

Lockheed Martin and Drone Racing League announced an innovation competition, challenging teams to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology that will enable an autonomous drone to race a pilot-operated drone and win. Participating teams will compete in a series of challenges for their share of over $2 million in prizes.

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The AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge will enlist university students, technologists, coders and drone enthusiasts to push the boundaries of AI, machine learning and fully autonomous flight.

The AlphaPilot challenge aims to accelerate the development and testing of fully autonomous drone technologies. AlphaPilot participants will design an artificial intelligence/machine learning framework, powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform for AI at the edge, capable of flying a drone without any pre-programming or human intervention through challenging multi-dimensional race courses in DRL's new Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing Circuit.