Flightcom Pilot headset Venture V90ANR

Pilot headset Venture V90ANR

Pilot headset Venture V90ANR


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97224 - Portland, OR

Flightcom is a division of Sonetics. Sonetics is the leading global provider of team communication systems for challenging work environmen...


The Venture V90ANR dual-input stereo headset delivers comfort and performance beyond anything in its class. Lightweight at 17 ounces with super-thick ComLeather ear seals and washable thick polar-fleece head pad, this headset is designed to maintain the comfort demanded by experienced pilots spending long hours in the left seat. With 24dB passive NRR and an additional 14-18dB ANR, noise won't prevent you from hearing radio traffic or using your MP3 and your Sat/Cell phone through the dual-input battery box. The Sure Power System shuts off ANR to preserve battery life when no audio is present, preserving the 50-hour battery life. The chrome headband with carbon fiber print ear domes puts this headset in a class of its own. A heavy-duty padded carrying case is included.

Features :

  • Active Noise Reduction technology

  • Stereo/Mono switchable

  • Noise-cancelling electret microphone

  • Adjustable headband

  • Flexible mic boom with slide adjustment for accurate mic positioning

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