EaglePicher Aircraft battery Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Aircraft battery Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Aircraft battery Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)


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The Next Generation of Battery Technology

Leveraging its rich heritage and technical expertise in battery technology, EaglePicher is playing a key role in the development of Li-ion for aerospace, defense, marine, medical and other elite markets. Li-ion provides higher energy levels and longer cycle life at a lower weight and in smaller volumes than lead acid, Ni-Cd, or Ni-MH batteries.

EaglePicher also has extensive expertise in charge / discharge cycling and the design of the required circuitry to keep the chemistry safe. Providing exceptional power due to its higher nominal voltage of 3.6V, this chemistry operates in a temperature range of -30?C to +60?C and has a favorable shelf life due to low self-discharge. Both high-volume commercial applications and low-volume specialized applications are available.

Lithium-Ion Cells

No company is working with more Lithium Ion chemistries in multiple capacities and cell packaging configurations than EaglePicher. This diversity makes EaglePicher the premier source for Lithium Ion cells and batteries in big and small applications from inside the body to out of this world.

Lithium Ion Batteries

EaglePicher has demonstrated our leadership in the next generation of battery technology by being the first large prismatic battery launched into orbit and the first emergency battery to fly on a commercial aircraft. EaglePicher currently provides varying Lithium Ion batteries for military, commercial, space as well as aircraft applications.

Investing in the Future of Lithium-Ion

EaglePicher is researching the incorporation of nano materials to maximize output, reduce the size and weight of current systems, increase performance and reduce life cycle costs for Li-ion batteries – all while improving safety and stability in harsh conditions. Committed to satisfying emerging customer application needs, EaglePicher has invested in a manufacturing center that utilizes the most advanced equipment and innovative processes to bring Li-ion technology to market.

  • Automated manufacturing equipment

  • Optimized process design for Lean manufacturing and Just-in-Time product management.

  • Advanced manufacturing process control systems for real time data collection and management.

  • Dedicated air handling systems to avoid cross contamination

  • Paperless tracking of all cell, battery build and performance data

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