Astronics Corporation Power supply Shaver

Power supply Shaver

Power supply Shaver

Astronics Corporation

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Astronics Corporation

Dual Output Shaver Power Supply (SPS)


  • Allows passengers and crew to use commercial household electric shavers in lavatories and crew rest areas

  • High efficiency to minimize heat dissipation and increase reliability

  • Low acoustic noise signature

  • Convection cooled (no fan) and can be mounted in any orientation on any surface

  • J1 Connector is 9-pin Sub D (Cannon DEM-9P)

  • Selectable output voltages

  • Approved for use on Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft

  • Operating range: 40?C to 71?C ; -1,000 ft below sea level to 15,000 ft above sea level


  • Per Boeing Specification on 777 and 747-400 in accordance with Boeing document D200Z001 SAFETY

  • Automatic short circuit/overload protection

  • Output restored automatically when overload is removed

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