Kaman Specialty Bearings Rotorcraft flexible drive systems

Rotorcraft flexible drive systems

Rotorcraft flexible drive systems

Kaman Specialty Bearings

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Kaman Specialty Bearings

Our proprietary KAflex® and Tufflex® coupling systems are frequently selected for critical rotating applications that demand a level of performance and safety that cannot be achieved with conventional greased coupling systems or standard flex-element couplings. Extreme torque, excessive angular misalignment, and high operating speeds are just a few of the reasons that customers turn to Kamatics Flexible Drive Systems.


  • No lubrication required

  • Superior misalignment capability

  • Integral fail-safe feature

  • High torque capacity

  • Rugged construction

  • Damage tolerant - repairable


  • Extended service life

  • Increased reliability

  • Ease of inspection

  • Cost effective

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