langue fr Jonathan Lee Recruitment Limited - 03/11/2022

Whats your biggest weakness? #toptiptuesday 39/52

A job interview offers you the chance to sell yourself and explain why you are the ideal candidate for that role.

Therefore, it can feel odd to have to explain what your weaknesses are.

Interviewers often ask this question as they want to assess how self-aware you are, how humble you are and if youre willing to continuously improve.

No one is perfect, we all have our weaknesses, but its important to give a balanced answer in response to this question.

So definitely dont say you are perfect but also dont say you are hopeless at doing key parts of the job.

Instead, pick something which isnt pivotal to the role as an example and (this is the key part) share what you have been doing to improve.

So for instance, if your presentation skills arent great, state this but then also state what youre doing to improve them e.g. A