langue fr Jonathan Lee Recruitment Limited - 03/11/2022

An interview is a two-way process #toptiptuesday 43/52

A job interview can sometimes feel like an interrogation, you get asked question after question in order for the interviewer to work out whether you have the right answers.

It shouldnt be like this. An interview is actually a chance for you to work out if you want to work for the company too.

With this in mind, its important to think of an interview as a two-way conversation, of course, you are there to answer the interviewers questions but mask your own questions too.

So for instance, if they ask you how you do a certain task, tell them but then ask how they do the same task currently.

Make sure you always have questions pre-prepared too and try to ask them naturally when a suitable moment arises in an interview. Not only does this show you have done your research but also indicates you have a genuine interest too.

Uncertainty can often leave us feeling anxious, so ensure you ask any questions on your mind, this in turn will enable you to be certain that the job is right for you.