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AddUp was created on April 1, 2016, following the creation of Fives Michelin Additive Solutions on September 4, 2015 by two industrial groups, Fives and Michelin. This joint venture aims to bring customers its unique experience and expertise in developing and marketing machines and industrial production lines using metal additive manufacturing technology, generally known as metal 3D printing, worldwide.

Fives and Michelin each hold a 50% stake in Fives Michelin Additive Solutions.

Fives contributes its skills, experience, and ability to innovate in mechanical engineering, automation and industrial process control to create fully digital machines and systems that meet the technological requirements of additive manufacturing, as well as the reliability and reproducibility requirements of fully managed industrial production.
Over recent years, Michelin has developed unique expertise in metal additive manufacturing, which it uses for the industrial production of mold parts that cannot be made using traditional techniques like machining and welding, with a production capacity of 650,000 parts per year.

2 production plants with multiple machines and associated auxiliary equipment + post-processing,
1 automated production unit with integrated post-processing and inspections.
Thanks to this technology, Michelin can develop and market truck and car tires with unrivaled performance.

This joint venture highlights Michelin's expertise in innovative industrial processes.

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