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In 1994, AEROVISION created and develops a photography and video system that is unique in Europe, capable of performing high-altitude and high-speed shooting. Embarquing a bir a jet jet with a cruising speed of 700 km / hour, the system is named IMAGIN'AIR (photos) and IMAGIN'STILL (video) and patent. Success is immediate.

Image professionals are driven by the stability of the flight system and the quality of the shots. IMAGIN'AIR then began working for major mathematical productions such as James Bond as well as for the European apron manufacturer in AIRBUS. Since then, the system has been developed with the help of recognized specialists.

The diversification of our businesses

In parallel, AEROVISION obtains in 1996 its certificate of haulier has not delivered by the DGAC and thus diversifies its activities via the passenger public transport demand.
Today, the company offers a diverse fleet of equipment ranging from turboprop to tri-actors and has two bases: Toulouse-Blagnac and Paris-Le Bourget.

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