Established in the late 80"s, the CQFA Continuing Education Department offers over 50 different on-demand courses to the industry. We can offer assistance in many fields of training such as the Accredited Check Pilot course, Crew Resource Management, Flight Crew Training, GPS, CFIT Avoidance Training, Proficiency Checks and more. Some of these courses are also available via the Internet. By offering this wide range of programs, we can meet most of the air transport management and personnel demands. Many of these courses are also offered online.

We have also positioned ourselves in the development of training products supporting the aviation industry with training programs, teaching aids and teaching material. We also offer assistance in the selection of human resources (pilots, dispatchers, air traffic controllers). In addition to the existing courses, we have put together a team of professionals ready to identify the operator's training requirements and create a training program adapted to their needs.

Versatility, flexibility and adaptability are certainly what best characterized our organizations.

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