Daher is an equipment manufacturer that develops integrated industrial systems for aerospace and advanced technologies.

Driven by bold innovation since it was founded in 1863, daher has now established itself as one of the major players of the 3rd industrial revolution.


At the heart of the 3rd industrial revolution, daher incorporates the latest technological innovations to make your dreams a reality.

Smart, hyper-connected, ultra-responsive: every day, the outlines of the factory of the future become clearer. It will restore a virtuous circle between people and technology, between production capacity and reative potential. These new challenges are already part of our reality.

A number of innovations now make the work of our employees easier and open up a range of possibilities. automation, robotics, cobotics, 3d printing... all continuously optimizing our manufacturing techniques and industrial processes.

Alongside this, with the exponential growth of connected objects and augmented reality, we are close to a phase of convergence between the real and virtual worlds.

Daher is placed at the heart of this fusion between the tangible and intangible, consolidating its position as one of the leaders in a world speeding towards the future.

Robotics at Nantes

To reduce the manufacturing costs of thermoplastic composite parts for the aerospace industry, daher has implemented in its factory of nantes, a robotized unit to handle low value-added operations upstream and downstream from the production line.

Able to operate at full capacity, this automation considerably cuts costs and enables employees to focus on higher value-added operations. This system is also valuable due to the responsiveness it instils between the supplier, customer and all daher teams.

Virtual reality at Marignane

On its site of marignane, daher has implemented a virtual reality room for aerospace and nuclear applications. Virtual reality enables interactive, visual and audio simulations in a specific environment created by its users. Wearing 3d glasses, users can immerse themselves in a virtual world and test a product or a facility to highlight errors in design or process before deployment in the real world.

This technology can be applied at each phase of an industrial project, from design through to process optimization, training of staff, and production. the use of such equipment facilitates testing phases, improves levels of know-how and therefore the performance of our employees.


Integrated Industrial Systems

"Integrated Industrial Systems refers to the convergence between manufacturing and service businesses, based on expertise in industrial manufacturing, product and process engineering,
logistics and transport, and industrial services. It is our response to the convergence of manufacturing and services."

Case studies

> Design and manufacturing of basic parts for the belly fairing
> Parts from 14 suppliers gathered together at a logistics hub
> Kit preparation and shipping
> Line-side supply
> Assembly and fitting on aircraft
> Management of the entire chain and operations with Daher Control Room.

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