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It was in 1969, that FALGAYRAS moved to the aeronautical zone near Toulouse.

We began by specializing in the verification, repair and general overhaul of control panel instrumentation and accessories for the aeronautical industry. Today, our aeronautical maintenance division is PART 145 (No. FR.145.139) and FAR 145 approved.

More recently, we have developed a verification and adjustment service for measurement and testing equipment (metrology).

FALGAYRAS has also run, for some twelve years, an equipment production unit dedicated to the aeronautical and industrial sectors' standard setting bodies. We offer a line of technical products designed, modified, manufactured, tested and verified according to your exigencies conformed to EN9100 and PART 21G standards.

Another of our principal activities is the manufacture and sale of altimeters for sky diving. Supplier for the Armed Forces, sky diving clubs, and industry in several countries ( including France ), we also sell these products to customers like you directly.

HIGH PERFORMANCE TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: In order to provide our different services, adapted to your needs and according to the exigencies of current industry norms, we are equipped with a complete line of high performance technical equipment and all specific technical documentation.

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